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We are an assortment of enthusiastic designers and researchers who come from HCI and Design backgrounds. Our learning journey in the Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) spaces has been a criss-cross of multiple paths ranging from formal classroom education to self-learning and from hands-on experience in the field…

Step 1: How to Generate Keywords

Topic: Consent and Privacy Policies

Here is the example to generate keywords in a systematic process.


Steps involved in generating keywords

  • Create a Research Topic
  • List Your (Key Concepts)/(Key Search words) based on the research topics
  • Now, try to list at least 1 (related keywords)/(related search words) for each of your key concepts. …

Finding information is easy — but just using the most obvious keywords and an Internet search engine brings up too much.

A quick search there for ‘privacy’ using Google brings up 8,30,00,00,000 (i.e., more than 8 billion or 8 Arabs) results, and ‘privacy policies’ brings up 1,12,00,00,000 (i.e., more than…

Why there is a need for the literature review?

  • Literature reviews examine and evaluate scholarly literature on a particular topic
  • A literature review is written as either a stand-alone document or part of a larger piece of work.

A good literature review is

  • Details only what is necessary for a given purpose — it does not include everything you’ve read on the topic.
  • Focuses…

YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL. At least, that’s the story you’ve been told. You get to choose what you share online, whom you share it with, and how it is shared. Technology companies are bending over backward to give you more perceived control over your personal information. The common narrative…

Pranjal Jain

Design Researcher; Initiator of HCI4SouthAsia; Ex-chair of Srishti SIGCHI Chapter; Startup Community Enabler

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