Learning from Persuasive and Emotional Design Studio

A paradox in designing for ‘good use’ rather than ‘just to sell the next product’

Understanding Business and Design

Invest in Design = Good Return on investment (ROI)

Source: https://moi-global.com/blog/one-emotion-twice-the-impact/

Logic often takes a backseat to emotions when it comes to purchasing.

What Causes Behavior Change?

The Fogg Behaviour Model by Stanford University’s BJ Fogg, says that for a behaviour to occur, there needs to be a sufficient level of both motivation and ability.
The FBM highlights three principal elements, each of which has subcomponents. Specifically, the FBM outlines Core Motivators (Motivation), Simplicity Factors (Ability), and the types of Prompts. The subcomponents define the larger elements.

Understanding what motivates people is the powerful bit.


Beyond Usability: Designing Web Sites for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust

Persuasive design pushes designers to clearly define a Web site’s purpose — and its persuasion objectives.

Usability is no longer enough


Source: The Hook Canvas. Source: NirAndFar.com

Habit forming is a continuous process.

Dark Patterns

A dark pattern is a user interface carefully crafted to trick users into doing things they might not otherwise do, such as buying insurance with their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.

Trammel Net
Screens showing how to disable Ad Tracking

To put it plainly, dark pattern design is deception and dishonesty by design.

Unsubscribe is written in the same colour and at first look it is difficult to find it.

Facebook used that technique to carry out a major data heist by linking WhatsApp users’ accounts with Facebook accounts in 2016.

Such as using a brightly coloured ‘continue’ button during a flight check out process but which also automatically bundles an optional extra like insurance, instead of plainly asking people if they want to buy it.

When unsubscribing still it is asking for entering the email id — which is strange!!
How will this feedback help the user and the company? & Asking so many questing while unsubscribing.
Vista Print emailer does not differentiate between unsubscribe and rest of the text.
It is easier to Opt in rather than opting out

But this is the paradox in itself.

Paradox example: to let users unhook - Digital Well-being



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Pranjal Jain

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